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Here Is The Truth About That Photo of mushrooms growing on Mars

 A peculiar new paper, printed in a little known scientific journal, has the tabloids awakened about the possibility of life on Mars. According to the paper, an international team of scientists is now claiming to have uncovered evidence of mushrooms growing on the surface of the red planet. The evidence is mainly based on images made by NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity rovers, which catch a bird’s eye view of what looks like, mushrooms. The pictures have the net freaking out, as stories like this usually do, but some people online stay justifiably skeptical.

It is frequently said that you should not judge a book through his cover, but you can partially judge a scientific paper through his journal. Only one glance in the Journal of Astrobiology and space science site, and it is clear enough to see that this is not a sophisticated outlet for high impact science fiction. On its site, the journal seeks research papers on topics such as Protecting Earth From Martian Organisms in order that it may present all viewpoints on the biology of Mars.

In reference to the mushroom paper – mysteriously qualified Proof of Life on Mars? – the editorial board asserts that it recognized the controversial implications, so it’d six separate scientists and eight older editors peer review it. Three of those reviewers rejected the paper outright, and one editor was so vehemently opposed to the paper, that he apparently still wished to get rid of it even after bulk acceptance.