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Microsoft is planning to Windows new update available at the end of May

The software maker was forced to delay its Apr 2018 Update due to a blue screen of Death issues, and after that, it pulled its October 2018 Update complaining that files have been deleted. Microsoft is taking an even more careful strategy with the May 2019 Update this time around. The upgrade will arrive at Release examination examiners next week, and there’s a far more significant gap between that last test phase before it rolls out more widely later a month.

That is weeks of additional testing and checks, in place of the days we found with the last release. Microsoft is tweaking the way it sorts throughout the thousands of pieces of feedback it receives daily about Windows upgrades to identify problems such as the information loss issues from the October 2018 Update. At the top of all this, Microsoft is even launching a dash panel later this month to track the wellbeing of Windows releases, so if you notice any problems, you will be capable of checking to see these from known real-time issues. It’s reassuring to see Microsoft make these changes and increased transparency regarding the status of Windows upgrades, generally. While the problems we found in 2018 was not widespread, Microsoft is carefully working to avoid that from happening.