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Nintendo Just Declared A Labo VR Kit For The Switch

Nintendo’s getting into virtual reality, but not in the way you may expect. Today, the gaming giant declared the most recent in its Labo lineup of Do it yourself paperboard accessories, which turns the Nintendo Switch into a makeshift VR kit. As with previous Labo collections, there are some options to pick from. The most important VR kit costs $79.99 and includes six distinct paperboard kits to build, such as VR glasses, a blaster, a camera, along with an. Elephant, and a screen holder along with security cap. , For those looking to spend a little less, there is also a basic starter kit which includes only the goggles and blaster for $39.99.

Additional accessories such as the elephant can be purchased late in $20 sets. The kits will include the Labo software, which includes games, step-by-step instructions, and the garage, mode for building your own Labo creations. We wanted to design an adventure that promotes both the virtual and real world interactions among players by passing around Toy Con creations, Doug Bowser, incoming Nintendo of America president, explained in a statement. Labo first debuted back in Apr, Offering a clearly Nintendo take on DIY. Since that time, Nintendo has released a couple of Kits and introduced Labo to schools, although the company has said in the past that it does not believe that the initiative has reached its full potential. We would like to get at a demographic that is not traditionally reached by games at rdquo, & all, Nintendo EPD director Shinya Takahashi told The Verge back. I think it’s the case with Nintendo Labo right now’s that there are a number of individuals who know about this and rather a lot of possibilities for us to research. The new VR kits will be available beginning on Apr 12th.