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Remedy Was Working On Alan Wake 2 But It Didn’t Pan Out

The remedy was once working on Alan Wake 2, but the project never made it off the ground. Talking to VG247 in PAX East, Remedy’s manager of communications, Thomas Puha, stated were working on Alan Wake 2 years back and it did not pan out. The studio has no plans to develop a sequel to its 2010 terror game at the immediate future, either. We are just booked solid for the next few years, really, Pusha explained. The remedy is finishing up development of Control, that is expected out this year.

Beyond that, the studio has a team working on Crossfire, which Remedy has inherited from Korean developer Smilegate. Then there is the Vanguard team, who are laying the groundwork for the next big scale project of Remedy. With all this going on, there are neither time, money, and tools to work on Alan Wake 2. That said, Remedy does own the Alan Wake IP. It is never quite as simple as that notes Puha, however, should the company look to develop a sequel in the future, the rights to Alan Wake are at least at its own hands. Nonetheless, it appears like, for today at least, Remedy is focused on Control: We are really hoping to make sure that we get to make more Control, stated Puha.

That is the expectation. This was the expectation with Alan Wake, and these things did not really work out, but we have learned from that. We lately went hands-on with Control and found that it felt incredibly good to break things. If it pans out to be like great as it seems at the preview build, then we will not say no to more Control. However, we will hold out hope for another trip into Alan’s mind one day.