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Rivers might have flowed on Mars for more than we believed

 Water from the rivers persisted on Mars considerably later in its history than previously believed, based on a. Research which found the red planet rivers were broader than people on Earth today. Riverbeds were pushed deep in the Martian surface long past, but the understanding of the climate. Billions of years ago remain incomplete. Researchers in the University of Chicago in the United States cataloged these rivers to conclude that important. River runoff persisted on Mars after into its history than believed. The analysis, published in the journal Science Advances, showed that the runoff was intense, rivers on Mars were broader than people on Earth today, and happened at hundreds of places on the Red Planet.

This complicates the image of scientists hoping to model the early Martian climate, stated Edwin Kite, Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago. It is already hard to describe lakes or rivers based on the info we have. This makes a difficult problem even harder, Kite said. The constraints might be useful in winnowing the numerous theories researchers have suggested to describe the climate. Mars is crisscrossed by the distinctive traces of long-dead rivers. NASA’s spacecraft have taken pictures of tens of thousands of those lakes out of orbit, and once rover Curiosity landed in 2012, it was sent back pictures of pebbles which were curved, campaigning for a quite long time in the bottom of a river.