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With the Prince of Denmark, Pampa Energía inaugurated another wind farm

Contrary to Don Quixote de la Mancha who undertook it against the windmills that he imagined as huge villains, the government of Cambiemos sees them as one of its main allies in its eagerness to show a sector of the economy that moves. And if the celebrated personage of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra counted on his side with the faithful Sancho Panza on his crusade, the Macri administration is not alone either. She is accompanied by businessmen who raise them higher and higher. It is not a fable, although in history there is a prince involved …

Federico, the heir to the throne of Denmark, departed this Wednesday from his schedule with his mother, Queen Margarita II, to fly to Bahía Blanca. Together with the Mindlin brothers, national, provincial and municipal officials, he inaugurated the Pampa Energía 2 wind farm in the morning, some 20 kilometers from the city. The complex, with 14 wind turbines, is next to the 29 mills park that the president authorized last May. “They are the highest in Latin America and those with the greatest turbine power,” said Marcelo Mindlin, CEO of Pampa Energía, about the 117-meter-high units manufactured by Danish company Vestas at its Campana plant. As soon as he arrived at the complex, the prince put on his safety gear and climbed onto the forklift of one of the wind turbines, to go inside it for about 20 minutes. There, more than 70 million dollars were invested to provide 53 MW to the national electricity grid.

“Our role is to invest and generate employment and we are always optimistic. If it is more or less fast, the circumstances say it. The important thing is that if there is a problem, we must not lower our arms and continue, “said Mindlin, on the rhythm of the RenovAr plans, with which the government has been advancing since 2016 on renewable energy. Clarín consulted him about the impact of the macroeconomic crisis on that process. “Pampa is a company that invests and always does. We continue with our investment plan. Obviously, macro circumstances can make financing a bit more expensive but when the investor mood exists and the company is committed to the development of energy infrastructure, it can be “answered. He added that if in 3 years “it went from 0% to almost 8% of renewable energies, it means that we are on the right track”.

The employer refused to respond to a query on the statements of Mauricio Macri regarding corruption cases, his father and the complaints involving his holding in the transfer of hands of companies, particularly in the energy sector. “I will not comment on that, we are inaugurating a wind farm, starting another in two months and we are investing 850 million dollars in gas, gas pipelines and wind farms. That’s what I want to refer to today “he said as an answer. After the assumption of Macri, Mindlin acquired the cousin of President Angelo Calcaterra, the construction company Iecsa, mentioned in the case of the notebooks. By the same file the businessman himself was summoned to testify by Judge Claudio Bonadio.

In the act, prince Federico was limited to listen the speeches (all in English except the one of the bahiense intendant) and to discover a reminder plate. He then commented on the experience inside the mill with some local officials. “The area of ​​wind energy is very important for our country and it is comforting to find places in the world where you can also take advantage,” said a representative of the crown that accompanied him. He recalled the beginning of the process (“with teams not as tall as these” compared) and that led to the European country today has 45% of energy from renewable sources. “We have a lot to work together and we are proud that Vestas is here,” the spokesperson added.

To that company, one of the leaders in renewable energy in the world, Mindlin called it a “strategic ally” and said that it was key for the park to be erected in only 11 months. “The previous complex had 30% of national components, against the 85% that this new one has” highlighted the CEO of Pampa Energía, who thanked the Danish crown member for the presence at the event. Mayor Hector Gay stressed that the firm is installing a training center in the industrial park of Bahía Blanca, to train technicians in the field of renewable energy.